Monday, 21 January 2013


Solomon has wondered about the way of an eagle in the sky. For him it was marvelous to simply watch the bird soar in the blue sky way above the mundane activities at ground level. In Proverbs chapter 30 verses 18 and 19 he states how the way of the eagle in the sky is truly awe inspiring!

Soaring never simply happens. It is the result of strong mental effort - thinking clearly, courageously, confidently and working with determination. No one can ever get out of mediocrity by being lazy. The person who has achieved excellence is the person who has won the battle of the mind and taken captive the correct thoughts. These persons are like the active pen that flows with ink and not like the passive blotter that just sits and soaks up what others do. The world is full of people who give up very easily. What if our Savior was such a person? God still works in and on us. So often it must be so disappointing for Him but he never gives up on us!

Those who aim high are like the strong willed eagle. They are above petty skepticism, or negativism of the majority. Jesus was a person such as this. In everything He did as He sojourned the earth was perfect. We worship a perfect God, who plans everything in His creation. Hence we too must be as meticulous as He is. Even looking at the smallest insect we notice God’s perfect work in it, and He has meant for us to excel like the eagle that soars up in the sky.

Look at the ugly caterpillar. It will remain ugly and spend its life groveling in the dirt if it did not have the perseverance to weave a house around itself and remain quiet inside the cocoon, when metamorphosis takes place. How ever when the caterpillar emerges out of its self built home there is a great struggle. If at this juncture it asked for help or someone attempted to help it out of sheer empathy it would have been maimed for life. For excellence God’s will sure must be honored. Things must be worked out totally according to His plan. Then and only then can we steer clear off mediocrity. Let us also remember that excellence just does not happen. It is not talent. The eagle works at soaring high, and it is the will of God that it perseveres.

Hence we should never be satisfied with mediocrity. We worship an excellent meticulous awesome God and His standards are high. As Christians therefore we must excel in every walk of life.

~~Crystal  David John