Sunday, 27 October 2013

SORROW - A Poem Dedicated to my dear Parents

I dedicate this poem to my dear parents Mr. A. N. G. David and Mrs. C. J. David who have worked for us relentlessly through thick and thin. All the sacrifices of their lives cannot ever me quantified ! After my mother took seriously ill there is nothing more I can say for the sacrifice of my dear father. He has to this day never faltered in caring for his beloved wife. Even as age catches up with him and with immense criticisms that stalk him he has continued to be that devoted husband the world is so urgently in need of!!

Were there no nights,
We will see no stars,
Freedom is in sight
Only through prison bars

With no trial
We’ll know no comfort.
Success is obtained
Only by tedious effort

‘Twas in the cloud
Moses saw God’s face
Only through fire,
Doth gold find its grace.

Do you know that
Grief adds to beauty?
Music is sweetest,
In major and minor key.

Diamonds were but
Coal, under a mine,
But when compressed and
Heated they acquire their shine.

Joy and Sorrow
Makes life complete,
Roses always grow
With thorns at their feet!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Crystal David John